CCParker Studios now offers website hosting!

After you order your hosting services, let us design and maintain your website.  Its that easy!  Or Even easier, if we make all arrangements.  Now offering Full-Service for all your wants!



CCParker Studios can create your website, or give your current website a makeover.  Your website should reflect your business, and be distinctive and stand out from your competitor.  Keeping your website simple and readable makes a good impression to your visitors.  It is not necessary to add several animations and special effects to a website to be effective.

Consultation is always FREE.

      Process of creating your website:

*  Create and purchase your website (domain) name.
*  Decide what you want to have on your website:
shopping cart, podcast, secure certificate, blogs, spam-free email campaigns, music, videos, and more.
*  Choose a webhost that supports your website needs and future needs.  I now offer web hosting services that can fulfill all your wants and dreams.
*  The creation process begins on the website.  It also helps if you already have all the content for your site.
*  Email addresses are created so your visitors can use an online email form.
*  After website is up and running, you have complete control of your website. You are given all login/ password information.  I have designed a special "CD" that contains all the information pertaining to the website.  There are step-by-step instructions to help you.

Can also provide you with training on how to maintain your website.
Or CCParker Studios can maintain and update the site on regular basis.

Complete Mid-Level Website

$1,943 Price includes Sales Tax

With Every Domain name purchase: Free: Forwarding, Masking, 100 Email Forwarding, Starter Page/ For Sale Page/ Quick Blogcast w/Domain, Complete Email Account (1gb storage), Ad Supported WST w/Domain, ad support Web Hosting & Photo Album Hosting: 150 GBSpace, Unlimited Bandwidth, 500 Email Accounts, 25 MySQL Databases x 1GBeach, 50 FTP users, 500 email accounts share 500mb, webmail, light webmail w/PDA, SPAM/Virus protection, DNS access w/out WWW, unlimited sub-domains, PHP 4 or 5, and many more extras...
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or to purchase directly for domain and hosting.

Complete design of website: Client needs to provide: logo, images, and all content One revision after draft. Possible to cost additional, depending on what is needed for website and client's dreams!

1/3 down (non-refundable), 2/3 due at completion